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The Art Living - lakshmi - 03-08-2018

Welcome to the Art of Living ashram. In Sanskrit, shram means effort, while ashram means a place where everything happens effortlessly.

In our ashram, we follow one and only one rule: You can come here with innumerable concerns and botherations, but you cannot take them back with you!

Ashram is a place you call home, for it nourishes you and gives you the strength to face the unexpected and the extraordinary.

The Art of Living International headquarters - Bangalore Ashram, located 21 km south of Bangalore in rural Karnataka, southern India was built in 1986. Blending the old and the new, this ashram is a living testimony of all that The Art of Living stands for. Apart from enjoying meditative walks and exploring the ashram, one can attend numerous residential courses at the Ashram each week: from a Basic Course that introduces one to the world renowned Sudarshan Kriya to an Advanced Course that gives one a chance to go deeper within oneself.

Of course, one cannot miss the wired evening Satsang that has revolutionized the meaning of satsang for most youngsters who sing, dance and meditate to songs in praise of the various gods and oddesses.

Experience the humble satisfaction that comes from doing Seva (voluntary work) at the ashram, from serving food in the kitchen to sweeping and mopping the premise and most importantly, taking responsibility for this wonderful space that’s our home.

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